Reaching Out To People In All Walks of Life

Reaching Out To People In All Walks of Life

Wednesday, 01 November 2017 09:33

Amazing people like you. You might have questions, you might just need someone to listen. Our generation of electronics has caused some serious disconnects of social interaction. People are moving to depression and even becoming suicidal. Our message of hope in Christ Jesus is something that many people haven’t heard, let alone experienced.

We have been able to meet people that would never enter the door of a church or seek out a solution for the terrible hurt in their lives. One example is when we met Walt in a campground. Walt, had all the toys that the world says makes you happy. Yet as evening rolled around we noticed Walt and his traveling companion left for dinner and returned very late while we were just finishing having our fire at the campsite. It became apparent that Walt was not diving anymore and was so intoxicated that his traveling companion need to help him navigate the way into his 2 million dollar motorhome. The next day he came out to work on the piping from the rig and it gave me an opportunity to open a conversation. In the conversation I discovered he had been very successful in business and provided a (in his words) mansion, exotic cars, travel, all the electronics, on and on. And yet his wife left and all the kids were estranged. It was apparent through the elevated voice and tone change that his anger and emptiness came out. This gave me the opportunity to share about the peace and contentment I had found through life walking with Jesus. These opportunities are opened up many times on the road. You see these people, GODS people(even though they don’t know they are His) are busy, distracted, overwhelmed with their own troubles and they will not seek out a solution or enter a church, so this gives us the great and humbling responsibility to seek them out and share the greatest gift we have been given, Our Savior!

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