About Us

Our Mission Is To Serve

Our Ministry is setup to serve Mankind . Who exactly? You ask? Man, woman, rich, poor, homeless, outcast, hipster; all people that need hope, peace and to know the love of Jesus.

Our Purpose

To share Christ’ love, hope and light to a dark and hurting world of abuse, abandonment, brokenhearted, divorce, poverty and hopelessness.   Everyone is going through something and by sharing their struggles with us, we may be able to lift some of that burden.  Some have no one to share with their pain or troubles they are going through.  We plan to be the ears to hear them and prayer partners for them.  Coffee, Conversations and Christ will travel the United States, serve free coffee to anyone in the morning and listen to people’s needs; help where we can and pray where we can’t.  To work to help shelters and other avenues to provide food, clothing and bibles to those in need. 

Our mission is simply to be available, to hear the needs and provide what help we can.  Most importantly, let them know their heavenly Father cares deeply about them and they can turn to Him whenever or wherever life takes them.

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web: www.ccchrist.org

email: john@ccchrist.org